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Professor Mariano Bueno: "You have been trying to cure your joints for years but in fact, they can be restored in 3 weeks!"

Read about the contribution of Professor Mariano Bueno to the treatment of diseases of the joints and learn how to buy the product for the treatment of joint-related diseases for only 1990 ₱ .

Mariano Bueno Doctor of Medicine and participant of the modern cosmonaut rehabilitation program died on April 22, 2023 at the age of 89. Starting from 1959, Bueno worked as a surgeon at the the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Academy of Sciences for 30 years and was involved in space medicine. Many of his research projects were devoted to alternative medicine. Professor Mariano Bueno spent many years in attempts to develop a NATURAL remedy that would be able to penetrate into the joints and cartilage tissues, restoring them from the inside.

In 2023 the research team led by Professor Mariano Bueno conducted a series of laboratory tests on an innovative medicament for joints. The results exceeded their expectations. After comparing the new drug with popular pharmacy products, the scientists had no doubt left that a new era in Rheumatology was coming! The researchers applied for certification of the drug and wanted it to be put into mass production. But then a tragedy happened - Professor Mariano Bueno passed away. Is there a chance that the product will still be launched? Our correspondent addressed this question to the chief rheumatologist of the Philippines Aweng Daclan who also took an important part in the research.

Comment from Dr. Daclan. "We overcame the first shock after the loss of Professor Mariano Bueno and decided to bring his life's work to completion."

Correspondent: Good afternoom, Dr. Daclan. In what development stage is the remedy now?

Aweng Daclan: Good afternoon! I am pleased to inform you that after all the tests, permission was obtained for introducing the drug into the pharmaceutical market. The remedy is called Flexibility, that makes us think about strong joints made of steel. This is exactly what it provides – its components are so beneficial to the joints that your movements will no longer cause you pain and discomfort. You will really start to move freely!

Clinical trials of Flexibility have shown its high effectiveness in the treatment of joints. According to the most conservative estimates, this drug extends the lifespan of people suffering from joint diseases by at least 10 years!

Correspondent: Dr. Daclan, could you tell us what makes Flexibility stand out from the usual pharmacy products?

Aweng Daclan: As a rule, patients with joint diseases are prescribed one of the following drugs:

Some of them are really capable of relieving pain, but for the most part they provide a temporary effect. In fact, they only relieve pain rather than treating the disease and stopping the degenerative processes. Moreover, long-term use of such drugs destroys the kidneys, liver and stomach. Basically, it is a vicious circle, where the patient is forced to constantly use a medicament that adversely affects the body to reduce pain, while the cause of this pain is not cured. This is despite the fact that joint diseases are extremely serious may lead to devastating consequences such as cancerous tumors.

Let me tell you what complications joint disease may lead to. The most common diseases of the joints usually develop in the following way:

Disease Complications at an early stage Late stage complications
Arthritis Necrosis of cartilage, joint destruction, synovitis Complete destruction of the joint, sepsis, cancerous tumor in the joint
Osteoarthritis Inflammation of the cartilage, changes in the structure of the joint and its degradation, risk of blood infection Disability (joint failure), destruction of cartilage, cancerous tumor in the joint
Osteochondrosis Intervertebral protrusion, displacement of the intervertebral discs, pinched nerves Spinal hernia, CNS (Central nervous system) disorders, a risk of organ failure, cancerous tumors in the spinal cord
Coxarthrosis Bone growth, degenerative changes in the cartilage and joints, degenerative changes in the joint capsules Restriction of motor activity (degree 1 or 2 disability), cancer
Osteoporosis Necrosis of the connective tissue, necrosis of bone tissue (makes your bones extremely fragile) Deformation of bones and skeleton, failure of the extremities, a risk of cancer caused by necrosis of bone tissue
Bursitis Inflammation of the periarticular synovial bag, accumulation of purulent exudate Blood poisoning, failure of joints, putrefaction of the tissues of the muscles, malignant tumors
Gout Inflammation of the foot joint, calcination, concentration of urinary crystals in bone tissues Bunions, enlarged joints, necrosis of the foot bone tissue, benign tumors

As you can see, joint diseases very often lead to serious complications that are fraught with disability or even death. For the last 100 years, the load on the human skeleton has been continuously growing. As a result, almost every person older than 25 has at least 1-2 affected joints. By the age of 35-40, the disease progresses into a stage fraught with severe complications.

For illustrative purposes, you can look at these photos taken in hospitals:

1. The knee joint of a patient suffering from arthrosis (the patient used "classical" methods of treatment). Injections relieved him from pain for a while. However, they did not slow down the development of the disease in any way. As a result, his leg had to be amputated. He is now permanently disabled.


2. The consequences of osteochondrosis (painkillers were used instead of any kind of treatment). Result: 2 hernias that developed into cancerous tumors. The patient was operated on, but unfortunately the surgery did not help and the woman died.


3. The consequences of arthritis of the hand . As you know, it is impossible to provide any help when the inflammatory process has already started and sepsis has begun. The patient had his hand and part of his arm amputated. But it did not save him, infection spread to the rest of the body and the man died after six months of intensive treatment.


Now let's get this conversation back on a more or less positive track. Like many other medical scientists, Professor Mariano Bueno spent decades studying alternative medicine. He was especially interested in the secrets of longevity and health. We teamed up to use the best of Professor's knowledge and research experience in the formula of Flexibility . The natural ingredients of Flexibility have proven to be the KEY factor in the treatment by providing healthy blood supply to the affected joint . All you need is ensure the restoration of blood supply to stop the necrosis and inflammation and start the process of regeneration. The problem is that it sounds easy, but in practice it was not possible to implement using any of the existing treatment options. Luckily, Flexibility was created. Moreover, after the completion of clinical trials, it is available for just 1990 ₱ as part of a special program.

Before the drug was selected for distribution under the program, large-scale clinical trials were conducted. A total of 10,120 people suffering from various diseases of the joints from different age groups took part in the trials. 93.8% fully cured their disease. 5.6% still have some problems, but in general their condition has improved significantly. Roughly speaking, test subjects who had a severe form of arthritis and could barely walk ended up with periodic light pains in the joint after undergoing a course of treatment. Only 0.6% of test subjects saw some improvements that were significant, but not significant enough to say they have completely recovered.

Correspondent: Did I hear it correctly? Are you offering a miracle drug for just 1990 ₱ ?

Aweng Daclan: Yes, it is true. In memory of Professor Mariano Bueno, we organized a foundation named after him, received sponsorship funding, and launched a program for joint recovery. A budget of ₴ 224 million was allocated by the sponsors of the Academy of Rheumatology. That is why we have the opportunity to sell Flexibility for just 1990 ₱ , when its full price is 3980 ₱ per package. And yes, it really works. I personally supervised the clinical trials and I can confirm that the drug is extremely effective.

Normal joint disc

Joint disc that changed due to degeneration

Protrusion of the joint disc

Slipped joint disc

Thinning of joint disc

Joint disc degeneration with osteophytes

Let me show you the results of clinical studies of Flexibility . They surprised many doctors, in a good way. It will be a real salvation for those patients whose joints ache.

Pain disappeared in 8-10 minutes in 100% of study subjects

Cartilage tissue was restored after a course of Flexibility in 98% of cases

93% of study subjects got rid of arthritis and arthrosis after a course of treatment

And these are the images of joints "before" and "after" the use of Flexibility.

Woman. 54 years old. The joint is fully restored. Duration of treatment: 6 weeks

Treatment of the hip joint of a 44-year-old male patient. The excruciating pain that tortured the patient for 2 years, was completely cured.

Affected joint

Healthy joint

Restoration of the elbow joint. Female patient, 31 years old. Duration of treatment with Flexibility: 2 months. The joint is fully restored:

Correspondent: Pretty impressive! Could you explain what it means for ordinary people with joint diseases?

Aweng Daclan: This means that modern medicine of the Phillipines has made a major breakthrough, and you will be able to cure your disease at home in one to two months. Flexibility is not an analgesic. It "restarts" the body at the cellular level. It eliminates the cause of the disease and restores the joints and spine to their original, healthy condition. The patient not only gets rid of symptoms, but eliminates the root cause of the disease by improving blood supply to cartilage that was previously weakened by slow, old cells.

Starting from day one, Flexibility starts the process of body regeneration. It relieves pain too, so you will immediately feel its action. In just two or three weeks, regeneration will be complete.

Correspondent: Does Flexibility help only when you have certain diseases of the joints?

Aweng Daclan: No. I'm telling you: it acts at the cellular level by stimulating the processes of regeneration. He treats absolutely any disease of the joints and spine, including arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, gout, sciatica, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, displacement of vertebral discs and many others. It treats any diseases of the joints at any stage.

Correspondent: Does the balm really eliminate all of these diseases rather than just eliminating the pain?

Aweng Daclan: Flexibility both eliminates the pain (in the initial stages of treatment) and completely cures the disease. Of course there are other way of treatment of these diseases, but as a rule they are all associated with surgery and are very dangerous. Not to mention the fact that the cost of a knee surgery is incredibly high and a very small number of people can afford it.

Correspondent: How can people get Flexibility for 1990 ₱ ? Who is eligible?

Aweng Daclan: Yes, absolutely anyone can order it. There is only one thing - because of small volumes of production, there is a limited nmber of items for sale under the program. At the same time, anyone can fill in the request form and get Flexibility for just 1990 ₱ . All you need is provide your name and phone number. You will be contacted via this phone number by an operator of our consulting center.

Correspondent: What is the time frame of the program?

Aweng Daclan: The promotional progam ends on 12.07.2024 (inclusive). All you need to do is place your order via the website . If you haven't done so, I recommend you to hurry up because it will be impossible to by the frug for 1990 ₱ after that. I personally guarantee that all requests placed until that time will be processed and people will receive the drug.

Dr. Daclan, thank you for the interview! Would you like to say something to our readers before we wrap up the interview?

Aweng Daclan: Yes, certainly. I would like to draw the readers' attention to the fact that diseases of the back and joints affect younger people these days, and even weak periodic pain is a good reason to pay attention to the problem. The doctors will hardly try to persuade you to undergo treatment. Your health is in your own hands.

And remember: diseases that occur due to pain in the back and joints are more than just a source of discomfort. They shorten your life by 15-20 years.

Today you can order Flexibility with 50% discount:

Only 5 packages left in the promotion

Old price: 3980 ₱

New price: 1990 ₱


Let us remind you that the discount is valid only until 12.07.2024 (inclusive).

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Cath Smith
I am so grateful for the information about this balm. I've been looking for something like this. I'm looking forward to getting my parcel! Thank you!
1 hour ago
Marcela Noble
I used to have low back pain, but it's gone now. It only took 10 days! Thank you!
1 hour ago
Maria Montalbo
I can't agree more! It's a very effective product for joint diseases! It cured my knee osteoarthritis.
1 hour ago
Tomas Basa
Dr. Daclan, thank you! I tried it, and my joints got much better indeed. We'll see what happens in a week. It is too early to tell. I will keep you posted on my progress. But the bursitis is gone, the swelling is gone, I don't even feel any discomfort. I am sure it will all work out well!
1 hour ago
Aweng Daclan
Tomas, do not worry and continue taking Flexibility. Be sure to follow the instructions for use.

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
1 hour ago
Santi Maramag
Guys, I need help! I'm sick and tired of my arthritis. The discomfort and pain are unbearable. I have no idea what to do! I take different drugs periodically, but they don't help:(
1 hour ago
Vicky Neri
Santi, try Flexibility, you won't regret it. Espesially now when it costs only 1990 ₱ . I used to suffer myself. I had radiculitis and couldn't move without pain. I totally lost hope at some point. I'm grateful to my mother, because she discovered Flexibility and made me try it. She's a big fan of Professor Mariano Bueno and his research on alternative medicine. She closely followed all his methods, and ordered Flexibility as soon as it was launched on the website I was skeptical at first, but in fact it cured me of my back pain and I can move freely now. Believe me, just try it and everything will be fine, you'll see it.
1 hour ago
Jenny Santos
How can I order Flexibility?
1 hour ago
Ronald Jacinto
Jenny, here's a link to the official website of Flexibility but hurry up while the discount is still valid. It helped me a lot. I also bought it for 1990 ₱ .
1 hour ago
Jenny Santos
Ian, thank you! I already ordered it. How long does the shipping take?
1 hour ago
Ronald Jacinto
Expect to get your order within 3 days :)
1 hour ago
Maria Pearson
It's an incredible product. I recommend it to everyone. I was sick and tired of pain in the neck, I suspect that it was caused by osteochondrosis. After taking Flexibility for 10 days, the neck pain was gone and I'm feeling fine now.
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Polo Sumera
Maria, is it really so effective? I should get it too.
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Let me tell you my story. I had a similar problem. I had degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine. Sometimes, the pain was excruciating. I started looking for ways to deal with this problem. Then I found this article. I decided to order Flexibility. I had nothing to lose, besides, it only cost 1990 ₱ . I got the parcel within 2 days and started using the balm. I'm so happy that I ordered it. The pain in the neck disappeared after just 14 days. Guys, buy it, you won't regret it.
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Arturo Carandang
I can see that I'm not the only one suffering from these problems, but thank God I discovered Flexibility about a month ago. It saved me from knee arthrosis. The effect was quicker that that of dozens of other drugs.
1 hour ago
Kenny Santos
Guys, does this one work? Has anyone tried it? The doctors are just useless.
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Beth Azdici
Kenny, it will certainly help. It produces a very powerful effect, and most importantly, it does not harm your health. So, hurry up to order it! This balm helped me to get rid of radiculitis.
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Elsa Pumaras
Thank you. Flexibility helped me really quickly. I ordered it from the official website while it was on promotion. Do not delay your treatment, it is better to get rid of all these problems with your joints now than then to be laid low and realise that you will never be able to walk without pain.
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Aurora Subec
Thank you, Dr. Daclan, and may Professor Mariano Bueno rest in peace. If not for you, I would have never believed that joint diseases can in fact be cured. My husband had degenerative disc disease for 15 years, so I know exactly what it is like. Motio Free cured him completely! The interesting thing is, he didn't even notice how the low back pain was gone! And the package to arrived so quickly.
1 hour ago
Aweng Daclan
Thank you, Aurora. Could you tell me how long the treatment took your husband?

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
1 hour ago
Aurora Subec
Dr. Daclan, it took about 15 days. After 20 days of treatment I noticed that his pain was fully gone.
1 hour ago
Aweng Daclan
Thank you for the feedback.

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
1 hour ago
Sienna Swan
The results exceeded my expectations. My finger arthritis was gone in 6 days! I ordered a few more packages to give to my friends.
57 minutes ago
Tanya Kasimiro
I ordered it today, literally just moments ago.
There's a promotion, hurry up!
I ordered it from the official website They called me back really quickly and confirmed the order. I want a pain free life and I want to go hiking.
55 minutes ago
Martha Tomas
I accidentally came across this article. And what do I see! You are talking about my favourite balm. I mean that I bought them for my husband some time ago. He has no idea I'm posting a comment here, but I will share it with you anyway. Because it makes me so happy! In short, I once read a ton of reviews, considered buying the balm and finally ordered them. Because my husband kind of lost all hope. He took some drugs but those caused stomach problems. We didn't know what to do. And then he tried Flexibility — and voila! My beloved husband is healthy again, he is active and full of energy! We managed to get it for only 1990 ₱ !
53 minutes ago
Elena Maikling
It costs a fortune in our local pharmacy. I couldn't afford it. It was way too expensive. When I saw the promotional price here, I immediately ordered it because my pension is tiny. Back pain is getting weaker every day. The drug looks like common balms but it really works.
48 minutes ago
Aweng Daclan
Wow, some pharmacies are reselling it without permission. They thrive on other people's misfortunes... This is why we need to make sure that those who buy our products are end customers rather than resellers.

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
36 minutes ago
Katherine Foronda
I've been using Flexibility for six months. It took me less than 20 days to cure arthrosis, and now I keep Flexibility in my first aid kit just in case. I think I'll buy some more while it's on promotion.
44 minutes ago
Christian Jose
I tried to get rid of sciatica for several decades, and all in vain. Then I decided to try Flexibility. The back pain was gone after just 2 weeks of use. I feel healthier than ever now. I wish it had been created earlier!
39 minutes ago
Aweng Daclan
Christian, alas, there is nothing to be done here. It took us a lot of time to develop the drug. A lot of money was invested. But now, people can quickly get rid of joint problems.

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
36 minutes ago
Nadine Valdez
I read the article and decided to order it immediately to give it a try. Other medications provided just a temporary relief. I suffered from osteochondrosis and I was told it was difficult to cure. Now, let me share my experience. Flexibility arrived quickly and seriously, it only costs 1990 ₱ ! I'm on day one of the treatment and I feel an amazing relief. I just have to share this with you. Thank you very much. I can live a normal life now!
31 minute ago
Leonila Ramos
Guys, can you please tell me where you got it? This balm are not sold in pharmacies and it's kind of scary to order them online. I don't want to buy a counterfeit product, you know. It simply won't work if it's not original.
27 minutes ago
Aweng Daclan
Once again, Flexibility can be ordered EXCLUSIVELY from the official website . If you want to be sure, click on the link above! Within the framework of the program, there is an opportunity to get the drug for 1990 ₱ , but the discount will expire soon, so hurry up with the order!
Please beware of imitations.

Kind regards, Dr. Daclan
15 minutes ago